16 Kalay Joel Eech

1998 Joel started going to bible school because he wanted to serve the Lord.  Went to school in his home town in Chin State. After one year his cousin who was teaching at a different bible school so he transferred.  Got his Bachelors in Bible then went to India for two more years for Bible school.  After completing a masters degree in India went to Yangoon teaching at a Bible School for 5 years.  After teaching for 5 years his father and mother asked him to go to the border of India with them and stayed with his parents.  He went to Gospel Baptist Church he was preaching the bible as a missionary while traveling around he came across kids that were in sex trade and orphaned. Emanuel Children’s Home was started with 4 kids in 2010 on the border of India.  In 2009 he worked for an NGO helping HIV patients living on the border.  He saved from his small salary to start the children’s home.  In 2012 police came to his home and told him to move or they would take his children.  So he moved to Kalay to the home he is in now in 2013.

The home tries to teach all the children about Jesus Christ.  Some of the kids that come to the home are Budhist.

Devotion in AM and Evening, every child take turns and share verses, prayer requests. Most children come to know Jesus while in the home.