Displaced Orphans International (DOI) was founded in 2001 for the purpose of funding a children’s home of Burmese refugees in Thailand. Today we have 15 homes in Thailand and Myanmar and help provide for over 500 children monthly.

​DOI receives its funding from private individuals, local companies and families all with a heart to help these amazing kids.

Our kids come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. We still serve many children that escaped life threatening conditions in Burma, we have many whose families live many miles up in the mountains and living in our home is their only chance for education and learning about the hope that comes from knowing Jesus. Often our kids come from having been abandoned by their parent(s) and families and other situations that if in the US would result in their being cared for by the State.

DOI also helps with continuing education for the most promising of our kids as well as special projects such as wells, dorms and beds etc.

What makes DOI special is simply how much of a difference each one of your donated dollars makes. 100% of all non-board member donations actually makes it to the kids. We are 100% volunteer, pay no salaries, pay no leases or rents and all administrative and travel expenses are paid for by our board of directors or their companies.

With many similar charities posting only 23-45% pass thru, your dollars go 2 to 3 times farther with us.

​Most of our 15 homes are visited annually with a minimum bi-annual visit guaranteed by a DOI representative. Most of our visits are unannounced and we are looking to insure that the leadership, nutrition and spiritual growth are all meeting standards.

​We have an annual event every year and are always looking to present our mission and goals to new groups. If you have a company or group of friends who might have a heart to help, please contact us to set up a presentation.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”   ~Matthew 19:14