New Life Foundation: Rehabilitation Home For Rescued Young Women


The New Life Center Foundation works exclusively with young ethnic minority women throughout the Mekong sub-region (Thailand, Burma, China, and Laos) who are at risk for, or victims of, human trafficking, forced labor, and sexual abuse. Since its inception in 1987, the NLCF has partnered with the Royal Thai Government and international NGOs to provide legal, psychological, and repatriation assistance.

The New Life Center Foundation provides:

  1. education
    literacy and life-skills from elementary to university levels
  2. vocational training
    specialized training which results in viable employment and work skills
  3. therapeutic activities
    art, music, dance, baking, martial arts, individual counseling
  4. business for tribal women
    teaching literacy and basic business skills in partnership with micro-enterprise development programs
  5. handicrafts & income generation
    cultivating traditional tribal embroidery and creative thinking skills through the production of handicrafts, home décor, and jewelry
  6. housing
    safe shelter, medical care, nutrition

The NLCF believes in grass-roots activism, empowering individuals and families at a community level, and engaging local communities and organizations to create a world without exploitation. NLCF staff, stakeholders, and former and current residents participate in numerous community networks and committees, including:

  • Mekong Consortium on Safe Migration, Trafficking and HIV/AIDS (
  • Chiang Mai Coordination Center for the Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR) and TRAFCORD (
  • United Nations Inter-Agency Project to Combat Trafficking in the Mekong Sub-Region (
  • Upland Holistic Development Program (

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