Urgent Prayer and Support is Needed

I am reaching out to you with some urgent prayer requests.

From March 30th to April 3rd, a 120-strong Military Council unit arrived in Letpan village (Northern of Kalaymyo) and engaged in conflict with ethnic armed groups, setting fire to 128 houses. The actual number of houses destroyed in the village is likely even higher. All the villagers affected are believers in God’s Home. They have lost their homes and all their belongings due to the actions of the military junta, which have been extremely distressing.

On April 4th, intense fighting between Myanmar’s military junta forces and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) was still ongoing in the villages. As a result, thousands of people have fled to Kalaymyo for their safety.

It is particularly troubling that all of this is happening just 15 miles away from God’s Home. The arson attack, along with airstrikes carried out by jet fighters and shots fired from helicopters, has forced the entire village population to flee. Those who didn’t have a place to seek refuge had to take shelter in the forests.

Providing humanitarian assistance has been challenging, especially in our city where the needs are most critical. Currently, God’s Home is providing food to 28 displaced individuals, including children.

The situation in Myanmar is marked by escalating violence and insecurity, resulting in significant internal displacement.

Our humble prayer is that God will bring an end to this terrible situation soon and restore peace in the country.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for God’s Home and for peace to be restored in Myanmar.

May God bless you,

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