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In the heart of Northern Thailand, the Lighthouse Home stands as a testament to compassion and dedication. Housing a small group of eight children, this home exemplifies quality care and stable nurturing environments. Despite a smaller number of residents this year, the quality of care remains exceptional, with strong leadership ensuring that each child receives the attention and support they need.

These sponsors play a crucial role in building a supportive community that fosters both personal and educational growth. The Lighthouse Home is more than just a shelter; it’s a place where young individuals are empowered to build brighter futures. It remains committed to its mission of providing a safe, enriching environment where every child can thrive and reach their potential. We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support from our community and sponsors, which continues to make a significant difference in the lives of these children.

Mae Rim

Located on the tranquil outskirts of a major northern city, the Mae Rim Home offers a family-like atmosphere where five young boys are raised alongside two siblings of their own. This blended family setting provides a unique dynamic, fostering strong bonds and mutual support among all children. The residents of Mae Rim Home range from grades 5 through 12, and they have the privilege of attending a private Christian school. This educational opportunity enriches their academic journey, instilling values and knowledge that pave the way for future success.

While the home was not visited this year, it is scheduled for a visit in 2025. The ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life and education for these boys is a top priority. The Mae Rim Home continues to be a place where young minds are nurtured to grow, thrive, and prepare for a promising future.


Nestled within a densely packed community, Montree Home stands out with its well-maintained facilities that provide a nurturing environment for 21 children, including 10 boys and 11 girls. The home is a harmonious blend of care and structure, designed to support the developmental and emotional needs of its residents.

The leadership within the home is exemplary, fostering a respectful and affectionate environment where children clearly thrive. Most of the children have places to visit over the summer, with only a few staying behind, indicating strong external family connections as well.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory Home is nestled within a compound that also houses a school and a church, providing a comprehensive community environment for 15 children, including 10 girls and 5 boys. This unique setup facilitates an integrated approach to education and spiritual growth, which is especially beneficial for the children, many of whom are refugees. Leadership at the home is strong, with a focus on providing a nurturing and safe environment where children can flourish both academically and personally. The strategic location and robust leadership contribute to making Morning Glory Home a beacon of hope and development for its residents.

The facilities at Morning Glory are generally sound, yet the home faces environmental challenges due to its location. Seasonal flooding affects the dormitories, prompting innovative solutions like raising beds on concrete cinderblocks to keep them dry. Despite these measures, there are urgent needs to address the structural damage caused by water, especially in the girls’ dormitory which risks significant deterioration. Key improvements needed include the installation of gutters, roof repairs, and the completion of a drainage system to effectively channel water away from living areas.

Hak Pak Blessing Gek

This Home serves as a vibrant sanctuary for 45 children, including 27 girls and 18 boys, managed by Geh(k) and a team of dedicated helpers. This home is not only a living space but a dynamic community hub that fosters a healthy, energetic, and supportive environment. The children at Geh(k) Home exhibit a joyful and spirited demeanor, clearly thriving under the attentive care of the leadership. The property boasts a variety of activities that engage the children in practical and enjoyable ways.

Among these are fishing and cooking competitions that not only teach valuable skills but also encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Additionally, the home operates a small coffee shop, an innovative project that helps raise funds while providing the children with real-world business experience. The facilities at Geh(k) Home are well-maintained, with spacious dormitories and a large play area, including a soccer field that serves as the centerpiece for recreation. While the dorms currently lack bunk beds, such an addition could further optimize the living spaces. The home also provides short-term respite and emergency care, reflecting its flexible and responsive approach to community needs.

Shelter of Blessing Hod Area

The Shelter of Blessing Home serves as a nurturing environment for 27 children, including 18 girls and 9 boys. The home fosters a sense of harmony and increased interaction among the children, reflecting a positive shift in their collective experience. The leaders, known for their calm and reserved demeanor, effectively maintain a peaceful and respectful atmosphere, characteristic of the local culture.

In terms of accommodation, the children’s living spaces are well-organized, with the girls divided among three separate dorm rooms, providing them adequate space and privacy. The boys reside together in one larger room, The children at the home are also involved in caring for a pregnant cow, adding an educational and responsibility-building aspect to their daily activities. This involvement not only teaches them about animal care and agriculture but also enhances their connection to life cycles and nature.

Steadfast Love Propan

The Steadfast Love Home provides a robust and supportive environment for 34 children, split almost evenly between girls and boys. The home is equipped with excellent facilities that continue to be enhanced, ensuring a comfortable and safe living space for the residents. The home’s dedication to the well-being of its children is evident in the structured daily routines, which include chores and educational activities, fostering both responsibility and teamwork. These activities are crucial in developing life skills and a sense of community among the children.

Significant improvements, such as the renovation of the boys’ restrooms, reflect the ongoing commitment to maintaining high standards. The presence of new facilities, like a recently completed church built to high standards, adds to the spiritual and communal support available to the children. Overall, Steadfast Love stands as a beacon of hope and stability, where children can thrive in a nurturing environment, well-supported by facilities and programs that cater to their growth and development.

Cluhday Witoon

Located in a remote area accessible by a rugged trail, Clauday – Home provides a nurturing and robust environment for 54 children, with 23 girls and 31 boys. The home is supported in part by collaborative funding, ensuring that it remains a well-equipped and secure place for the children to grow and develop. The facilities at the home are in excellent condition, notably featuring custom-built steel bunk beds that ensure safe and comfortable sleeping arrangements for all children. However, there is an ongoing need to provide mattresses for some of the bunk beds to enhance comfort further.

Additionally, recent efforts to replace a girls’ dorm roof with a new structure on a safer site demonstrate the home’s proactive approach to maintenance and improvement.. The home also engages in sustainable practices such as raising chickens for meat, and plans are underway to expand these efforts by increasing egg production. Recreational activities are an integral part of daily life at Clauday with children enjoying various sports and interactive story times that strengthen their social bonds and physical well-being. Overall, Clauday stands out as a beacon of care and stability, where children are empowered to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Zion Home

Zion Home, nestled within a tranquil forest of rubber trees, provides a serene environment for 18 children, equally divided between girls and boys. The property not only serves as a home but also includes a local church, where the community and children gather for spiritual nourishment under the guidance of the home’s leader, who is also the pastor. The facilities at Zion Home are in excellent condition, reflecting the meticulous care of the leaders.

The dormitories are well-equipped with solid bunk beds and some new mattresses, ensuring comfortable accommodations for the children. Despite the challenging terrain which limits play areas, plans are in place to develop a flat area into a soccer field to provide the children with a suitable space for physical activities.

Kalay Samuels Faith Gem

Pastor Samuel went to seek his reward in Heaven due to complications from COVID-19 and the inability to receive medical attention during the civil war that is devastating Myanmar. This home is in an area of intense fighting and is believed to be at risk from military activities. The 54 children living here were sent back to their home villages (if they still exist) or sent to find extended family or friends to stay with.

Public schools are closed, and the last update indicated that the home is being used as an impromptu school for 300 local children, giving the family the ability to witness to and share with the locals. We are not currently sending monthly support to this home, and we pray that this wonderful facility will be able to continue its ministry.

Kalay Joel Eech

This city is under siege by the military. Most businesses have closed or are open for very limited hours. Basic supplies and food have become scarce and expensive due to closed roads and military interference. Then, residents were told to evacuate and given a short window when the roads would be open. This home, which shelters about 30 children—a number that has increased due to the ongoing military atrocities—rented trucks and managed to take about half the children and staff to the nearest international border, which is with India.

Upon their return, they found the roads were closed, leaving the home divided. The home remained split for several weeks until the military once again opened the roads for evacuation, allowing them to reunite. Some emergency funding was made available as they have had to rent two homes and face increased expenses. Please pray for this home and the challenging situation they are being forced to navigate. Pledge monthly financial support if you can!

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