501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Federal Tax ID Number: 43-1976012


Sending a check?

You can mail your check payable to Displaced Orphans International:

Displaced Orphans International
15232 72nd DR SE
Snohomish, WA 98296

To make an appointment to make a donation in person, or to ask more about our organization and 501(c)(3) information please contact us at (425) 218-3100 or e-mail at

Thank you for Making a Difference! We pledge to stretch your dollars into making the biggest impact possible!

With 15 homes and different projects, and scholarships always on the horizion we need all the help we can get and appreciate your help more than we can express here.

If you can pledge a monthly recurring donation that’s awesome! If you feel led to make a one-time donation we appreciate you as well!

For Silver, Gold and Platinum Level sponsors, we will gladly provide a placard for your office or business lobby as well as get you listed in our partner pages. We will be happy to share internet page links with your business site and welcome any cross-promotional discussions.

Please take a look at the “Our Homes” page and you will see pictures of our actual kids that you will be helping. Every one of these beautiful children relies on us for food, shelter clothing, and guidance.

Yes, your donation is 100% tax-deductible as we are a legally registered 501 C3 organization.

We challenge you to find any other organization that makes as big of a difference with your money!!!

We accept one time donations of any amount.

Monthly recurring donations allow us to make the most long term impact as they have a larger impact on our planning budget.​

To sponsor a child or children it takes about $40 per month to care for the needs of each child. This includes food, transportation, limited educational expense, and supervisory expense.

We offer a Bronze Sponsorship that covers three children for $115 per month.​

For $200 per month at the Silver Sponsorship level, you are supporting about half a home.

Gold Sponsors at $300 per month cover about 10 children in one of our shared partnership homes and really make a huge impact. At this level, you will receive special communication from one or more of our homes if you wish as well as a meeting with one of our marketing specialists to see how we can help you promote your business practice of giving back.

Platinum Level Sponsors at $400 per month get everything listed above as well as a hosted dinner event from the DOI board at your home or business complete with a meal, presentation and clean up for up to 10 guests.


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