2017 DOI Updates


January 2017 – Cassie (DOI Vice President) and her husband Errol, traveled with Kelly (DOI President) to Thailand and Myanmar visiting 17 of our 18 homes. Terra (In country representative) visited the 14 homes with them in Thailand.
Our newest home was recovering from a funding crisis where even enough money for rice was a problem. They had to eat their chickens to get by, resulting in the loss of eggs for protein. Thankfully one of our Platinum Sponsors funded new chickens and feed to get them back on track.
We took some essentials and fruit, protein, or treats to each home based on our understanding of their specific needs.
Kelly says… we are not above buying their smiles 🙂

New Home Partner in Cluhday

At the 2017 DOI fundraiser we showed the video of the boys in the mountains hunting and roasting rodents for food. This home reached out to us needing additional support after two of its major sponsors pulled their support of all children’s homes in Thailand.
This home still has a couple other major sponsors thankfully because with 82 primary school children it would be difficult for us to commit to being the sole funding for a home this large.
The biggest challenge for this home is its location. It is 90 minutes up a 4 wheel drive mountain trail, I can’t call it a road in good faith and Cassie and Terra were convinced we were going to roll off of the side of the mountain!


For our 2016 Fund A Need project we raised $8K to build a new boys dorm at our home in Doi Saket Thailand. This location is one we have sponsored for about 15 years and we have helped here in the past with construction, a new well and water storage as well as other needs along the way.
Because of a change in Thailand’s home rules the boys and girls need to be housed on separate floors or separate structures.
The home leader acted as the general contractor and did much of the work himself.
This picture is from our visit in Jan 2018 and the structure is 95% complete.