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DOI Update January

Children Food:

Through the support of DOI, our home has been able to provide our kids with daily meals to grow up healthy and strong. Three times meat provided including eggs within a week and vegetables and other beans. They are also provided with season fruits and snacks once a week. 

The price of rice, a food staple and other commodities are still rising due to the current political unrest. The prices increased have made lives even harder for the million internally displaced people who have fled their home due to the fighting. Skyrocketing commodities prices affected the shops as well. People tend to reduce food and general costs amid low income and inflation. We still use firewood and a generator for cooking meals when there is a power outage.

Children Education:

The children go to school every day (Monday-Friday) 5 days a week. They do their homework and study at home according to the curriculum of our home. We try our best every kid receives a good quality education and gains the skills and knowledge when they are matured.

Sarah has passed her first-year exams of university and is waiting for her 2nd year to get admission. We purchased a new motorcycle for Sarah’s transport to university. She is so thankful for it. The support of DOI shaped her life and gave her the possibility to become a future hope she has.

Children Health:

This month the children at our home are safe and healthy by God’s grace. Samuel was sick with earache for a few days but after taking the doctor’s treatment he has recovered. We are taking good care of every one of our children.

We are so thankful to God for His protection and His care in so many ways. The children are provided with vitamins every month. We are taking care of every one of our children’s health, providing them with healthy foods, making sure they get enough sleep and exercise and ensure their safety.

Children Spiritual Lives:

Our home devotional for kids is to learn more about the Bible, memorize a new verse, and build up their faith through prayer. We conduct a Bible study and responsive reading to the children so they can be improved in reading skill and spiritual growth. This time is meant to further our knowledge of one another as well as give us enjoyment. We have each day an amazing outpouring of God’s Spirit in praising, worshipping, reading Bibles and drawing closer to God daily. We enjoy devotion time altogether.

All the children enjoy going to church every Sunday morning and performing at church.

Update on the current crisis in Myanmar: (Burma)

Myanmar has suffered two years of unrest since the military seized power, removing the democratically elected government in February 2021. Myanmar is still struggling with military rule, civil war, poor governance, and widespread poverty. The coup has also brought economic turmoil, wiping out modest gains in poverty reduction made over the past decade.

The People’s Defense Force and the military fighting are occurring in different cities and villages of the country. Kalaymyo (where we live) is one of the cities where the military junta and People Defense Force intense fighting that occurs very often in Myanmar. Transport, power, electricity and internet services have been disrupted. So many young people are still arrested after their phones have been checked. The military checks people’s phones, especially gallery, Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp.

The military junta forces burnt Christian churches and many houses, looting people’s properties and taking rice in the villages of Kalay District.

A nationwide silent strike took place on February 1st, 2022 in a sign of against and rejection of military coup and rule. People across the country closed businesses, shops and stayed at home and staged a “Silent strike”. The nationwide silent strike was followed by the calls of the anti-military activists and the National Unity Government for people to leave the streets empty between 8AM to 4PM.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers. We do appreciate your continued prayers for our safety and God’s protection. Our humble prayer is that God will end this awful situation soon and re-establish peace in the country.

Through the support of DOI, our home children receive daily meals, shelter, clothes, medical care, as well as educational and spiritual instruction. Every contribution makes a tremendous difference and together we can continue to give the hope of a bright future to these children. Your support enables us to feed, educate, and raise children in a loving Christian environment at our home in Myanmar.

We are so thankful for all the sponsors and donors of DOI for their contributions in various ways to help our children have a future.

Thank you for all your sacrificial love, work, giving and support that help us continue to impact in the lives of our children. We can see God blessing your work and it is bearing fruits.

Blessings to you and all at DOI.

For Him and for the children, Home Leader

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