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2018 DOI Updates

Home Visits in January

January 2018 Kelly visited 12 of our 18 homes. Terra visited the 10 homes with him in Thailand and we filmed video interviews at most of them. We had one home that really needed new blankets and another that needed some new bed bases, Both special needs were funded by sponsors.

All homes got some sports equipment, toiletries and other items that tend to get overlooked when funds are tight. Its really fun for us to see the monster smiles on these kids faces when they get a new soccer ball and toothbrush!!


For 2018 the DOI Board has pledged to do a much better job of bringing you a more personal experience in understanding our children and what we do. We have video interviews being produced with about 10 of our kids and a few of our home leaders. We intend to post about one a month throughout the year.

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