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Prayer And Support Needed

A student from our community, who goes to Bible school every day was caught up during the military’s surprise checks on several city roads, looking for members of the People Defense Force. Numerous young individuals were arrested without just cause.

The student, an 18-year-old, was apprehended while on his way to Bible school and was treated harshly by the military forces, beaten with batons, kicked, and punched. When he managed to contact us for help, we immediately went to his aid, explaining his association with ECH and his status as a Bible school student.

Thankfully, they released him, but not before leaving their mark. Jacob suffered bruises to his back and thighs. After medical consultations, we’re optimistic about his swift recovery. We ask for your prayers for Jacob during this trying time.

The ongoing political unrest in Myanmar poses severe challenges for our youth. Many are forcibly recruited, either to serve as porters or directly in the military. The situation remains unstable, with numerous accounts from the war zone that are too sensitive to share at the moment.

The people of Kalay/Myanmar are grappling with these difficult times. We are endlessly grateful for the divine protection over ECH. Your continued prayers for our safety and well-being mean the world to us.

For Him and for the children,

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