Auction Update

2019 Auction Update

We had our annual fundraiser November 2, 2019 and thanks to all who made it a success. Our Fund A Need project goal was $9,500 and we raised just over $11,000 for bunk beds, and other housekeeping requests we have been unable to grant due to our being tied up in building projects for the last 4 years or so.

I am anxious to visit and have the financial ability to improve the daily lives of these kids who are incredibly grateful for what little they have. Something as simple as a blanket can make such a difference to the well-being and self-worth of some of these kids.

DOI needs monthly sponsors. We are so reliant on the kind hearts of our monthly sponsors! With 100% guaranteed pass thru (no admin expenses come out of monthly sponsorship) we promise this is the farthest your money can go to help children that rely on DOI. Please contact Kelly or Cassie if you are considering becoming a donor!!

Make a Change

With your help we can provide a safe home for children

We appreciate your support and pledge to stretch your dollars into making the biggest impact possible!

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