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Compassion Children’s Center – Yangoon Myanmar

Welcome to CCC led by our friend Nunu. She has been running this children’s home for 19 years and DOI has been a partner for the last five. Nunu has 25 children currently that are ‘her’ kids and four of the older ones that have stayed on to help. She relies on the young adults that have grown up in her home to take care of much of the daily routine.

We had a special lunch treat brought in – Roasted chicken and rice. The kids loved it and were very appreciative, we are certain none will go to waste!

Nunu’s strength is that she is a very loving house mom who loves each of these kids as her own and she does a really good job teaching them a solid Christian Foundation through devotion, bible study, and fellowship.

Nunu lost her primary sponsor last year as the organization decided to go a different direction in regards to home sponsorship. DOI became her only regular support and we increased her monthly support as much as we could.  Although she gets some rice/food donated by the community she is still underfunded and it shows.

Nunu has to struggle to get through the month and will ask her church to take an offering when she in a really tight spot.  Cassie, her daughter Cloey and Kelly visited her in January 2020 and it was clear there are some urgent needs.  Take a look at these photos, what you are seeing is the wood-fired “stove” that is used to cook for all 30 souls living in the home.  That is the sink and drainboard for all the dishes and those wooden benches are retired bed bases they are using for seating at mealtimes.

DOI is using Fund-A-Need funds from the 2019 Auction to improve her stove, sink and supply 20 chairs for the eating area.  We hope to have pictures updated to her page in the next 30-60 days.

Her biggest struggle at this point is that she has nothing left in the budget for medical and clothing.  Many of the kids we saw this year are in the same outfits they wore us last year and even some the kids one school outfits are looking a little thin.  One of her kids had to have her appendix out last year and she is paying that $5-10 per month when she can.

This home really needs someone to sponsor her monthly to get her budget increased.  We know we have two or three other homes in similar positions but this should be an easy home need for someone to take on for 2020.  If you can help with $100 per month for this home or would like more info about this home to help in other ways please contact us right away.

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