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Remember When We Said Most Of Our Kids Came From Myanmar? Here’s Why:

In case you haven’t seen on the news about what is happening in Myanmar. The military was taking control of the country under a state of emergency, because of a lack of action on the military’s claims of voter fraud in November elections.

Myanmar new military government has cut off TV channels, phone lines and internet services for 5 days. Millions of people demonstrated against the new military government in different states in Myanmar including Kalaymyo. Civil disobedience campaign intensifies across Myanmar.

More than 450 government civil hospitals, universities, institutes, food & drug administration, all government’s servants across Myanmar have joined the “Civil disobedience campaign” in protest of the state of emergency declared by the military. It’s desperate situation. We are having hard time. Everything has changed and things price are getting higher and higher. Thanks for praying for us and Myanmar.

All Myanmar banks nationwide have been closed since February 8 due to the current political situation. Moreover, all the staff are participating in the ‘‘Civil Disobedience Movement’’ and being unable to conduct their daily operations.

The nationwide general strikes against the military coup everyday in Myanmar. Thousands of people are participating in the “Civil Disobedience Movement”. The police are arresting citizens at night without proper legal procedures, and targeting civil servants who are taking part in the boycott against the military. The military government controls everything. We are trusting God in this situation. Thanks for praying for our safety.



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