Unique Dining Opportunity: A Giant Lobster and a Cause!

Attention, seafood aficionados and supporters of Displaced Orphans International (DOI)!

In an extraordinary feat, Kelly has secured a once-in-a-lifetime catch—a colossal lobster weighing nearly 15 pounds! To put this into perspective, finding such a magnificent creature is a rarity, with odds standing at 1 in 15,000 during lobster dives.

Imagine this giant gracing your dinner table as a centerpiece, making your event truly memorable. Not only will it be a conversation starter, but it’s also a spectacle that none of your guests are likely to witness again.

And here’s where it gets even more special: Kelly is offering an exclusive opportunity to bring this unique dining experience to your home. He will personally prepare a sumptuous steak and lobster dinner for you and up to 9 other guests. Kelly will handle everything— from procuring the freshest ingredients to masterfully grilling the feast at your location. The catch? This immense lobster can be showcased just once, making this a truly unparalleled dining occasion. The tail alone is over 5 pounds!

While we have an auction planned for next spring, the urgency of the situation in Myanmar, as mentioned in our previous update, necessitates immediate funding. Historically, experiences like this fetch around $1,500 at our auctions. Given the exceptionality of this event, we hope you’ll consider placing a higher bid to make a substantial impact on a pressing cause. “This is a first come first serve” event. We are hoping for a minimum donation of closer to $2,500 for this steak and lobster dinner. 

Interested in hosting this unforgettable dinner? Reach out to Kelly directly at kelly@rvtown.com. To ensure the peak freshness of ingredients, we recommend scheduling this dining experience as soon as possible

Let’s come together for a night of gastronomic delight and philanthropy. Your support will make a world of difference to those in need.

Warm regards and blessings,
Displaced Orphans International

Please Consider Donating Today, 100% of your donations will go directly to kids in need.

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