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DOI Update October

Children Food:

The children are provided with nutritious meals three times in a day and purified drinking water. Three times meat provided including eggs and a variety of vegetables each week. These foods give them the energy they need to grow, develop, and learn. They are also provided with season fruits and snacks once a week. 

People of Myanmar are becoming more deprived as basic commodities and food prices have risen due to the current political unrest. Oil and food prices have increased the most. The current situation is really a general crisis for us.

We still use firewood and a generator for cooking meals when there is a power outage. Older kids are involved in cooking and preparing meals.

Children Education:

The children have done their first semester exams recently and they all passed their exams. Most of our children’s school reports are encouraging and they received personal growth achievements. They are excited to be back at school tomorrow after a week of holidays.

Sarah goes to university every day and we are praying for a motorcycle for her transport.

Children Health:

The fall 2022 bad flu hit lately and hard this year. Recently Sarah, Melody, Lydia, Isaac, Thomas, Andrew, Phillip, Anna, and I were sick for a few weeks but after taking the doctor’s treatment we all have recovered.

The flu makes us feel crummy for a few days to two weeks – fever, weakness, headache, and bone pain are common symptoms. Children are particularly vulnerable to the flu, but they are fast to get back to normal.

With the support of DOI, the children have a healthy diet and receive daily vitamins. We are taking care of every one of our children’s health, providing them with healthy foods, making sure they get enough sleep and exercise and ensuring their safety.

Children Spiritual Lives:

Daily devotions are a time to get our kids into God’s Word, and to get them praying, to teach them to make real time for God. It is a great way to strengthen faith and get our kids thinking about how their faith impacts their lives. Teaching our kids about the word of God and getting them into the habit of daily devotions will help them to instill good spiritual habits.

Every morning and evening, the children take devotion by singing, praising and praying altogether. Once a month, children are divided into five groups and every child mentions their prayer requests and then prays for one another and then prays for all at DOI. They enjoy going to church every Sunday morning and performing at church.

As birthday celebrations are very special, we celebrate each child’s birthday every month at our home. This month, Hezekiah, Daina and Phebe’s birthday were celebrated with giving thanks to God, prayers and eating candy and snacks.

Update on the current crisis in Myanmar: (Burma)

The situation in Myanmar is characterized by growing violence and insecurity and resulted in significant forced displacement within the country. Violence against civilians and the intensified armed conflict caused several thousand refugees to flee into neighboring countries (India, Thailand & Malaysia). Millions of people are internally displaced in Myanmar after the military takeover on 1 February 2021. As a result, humanitarian needs grow exponentially and the resultant economic impact. Humanitarian access in many parts of Myanmar is restricted by insecurity, roadblocks, and challenges in obtaining access approvals.

Myanmar’s economy is in crisis, and it remains a country in deep conflict that has torn the country apart politically, economically, and socially. Local civil wars have developed day by day in large parts of Myanmar, and millions of people are headed for absolute poverty.

Fighting between military forces and non-state armed groups is occurring very often in the areas and resulted in a significant number of deaths, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Violence in the area is ongoing and the situation is volatile. Bomb explosions have occurred throughout the city especially in nighttime.

Myanmar’s military has killed more than 60 people, including musicians, in a devastating airstrike that targeted a concert held by a rebel faction of the country’s minority Kachin ethnic group on October 23rd, drawing international condemnation of the junta that seized in the country more than a year and a half ago.

The situation is quite dire, but we know that God is in control. He is sovereign and capable to totally change the situation in the near future.

Thanks for praying for God’s protection over our home and the miracle of peace for Myanmar.

Through the support of DOI, our home has been able to provide the children daily meals, shelter, clothes, medical care, educational, spiritual instruction and more. Thank you for helping to reach children in Myanmar with lift-changing hope and love.

Your prayers and support have not been in vain but have definitely been of a great blessing to the works of caring for the children here. Every contribution makes a tremendous difference and together we can continue to give the hope of a bright future to these children.

We are praying for all of you that God would give you all good health, strength and an abundance of blessings. Blessings to you and all at DOI.

For Him and for the children, Home Leader

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