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DOI Update September

Children Food:

The children are provided with nutritious meals three times in a day and purified drinking water. They have a big breakfast and lunch and then a big dinner in the evening. Three-time meats provided including eggs and a variety of vegetables each week. They are also sometimes provided with season fruits.

Children Education:

The younger children go to school every day (Monday-Friday) 5 days a week. They do their homework and study at home according to the curriculum of our home. We try our best every kid receives a good quality education and gains the skills and knowledge when they are matured.

Children Health:

Myanmar’s dengue fever numbers have soared this year in the rainy season. Prevention on the government side is weak, and treatment has also been affected because government hospitals are not fully functioning due to a shortage of health care staff, so the incidence of dengue increase this year.

Children Spiritual Lives:

Our home devotional for kids is to learn more about the Bible, memorize a new verse, and build up their faith through prayer. We conduct a Bible study and responsive reading to the children so they can be improved in reading skill and spiritual growth. Every morning and evening, the children take devotion by singing, praising, and praying altogether. Once a month, children are divided into four groups and every child mentions their prayer requests and then prays for one another and then prays for all at SB. They enjoy going to church on every Sunday morning and are developing a heart for God.

Gathering our home family together for devotions reap so many benefits and that little bit of time set aside each night eventually produces a strong foundation of faith in the Lord and an even stronger family.

As birthday celebrations are very special, we celebrate each child’s birthday every month at our home. This month, Victor and Phillip’s birthday were celebrated with giving thanks to God, prayers and eating candy and snacks.

Update on the current crisis in Myanmar: (Burma)

Armed clashes across Myanmar continued to trigger displacement and affect civilians. More than one year and half after the military coup on 1 February 2021, Myanmar remains a country in deep conflict that has torn the country apart politically, economically, and socially. Local civil wars have developed in large parts of Myanmar, and millions of Burmese are headed for absolute poverty. Myanmar is looking more and more like a failed state, while the international community is being largely passive.

Since then, the opposition has become more politically organized. Simultaneously, the resistance has grown more violent, resulting in country-wide armed conflict with the military forces.

Despite the massive resistance alongside strong international condemnation of the coup – the military is set on holding onto its regained power. Day by day the security forces’ violence, arrests, and scare campaigns increase.

The opposition´s hope is that an increasingly united resistance, made up of the various groups in Myanmar, can pressure the military to withdraw and that they can introduce a new form of federal democracy.

ASEAN, the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations, was by many expected to play a key role in facilitating dialogue between the parties, but so far this has not born fruit.

Our humble prayer is that God will end this awful situation soon and re-establish peace in the country. We are trusting God in this situation. Thanks for praying for God’s protection over OUR HOME and the miracle of peace for Myanmar.

Through the support of DOI, the children receive daily meals, shelter, clothes, medical care, as well as educational and spiritual instruction. Every contribution makes a tremendous difference and together we can continue to give the hope of a bright future to these children.

Thank you for supporting, for strengthening us, for praying for us, for encouraging us and for constantly lifting us up before the Lord! It means what we are today!

Our prayers are with you all always. May God bless you richly and the ministries of DOI.

For Him and for the children, Home Leader

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